When goods are offered, they are also deserved

For us, cooking is just another step in a journey that began a long time ago, going all the way back to our origins, to the tastes and flavors of our land, Irpinia.

Each ingredient is a small treasure trove of freshness and wholesomeness: just like the vegetables from our vegetable garden, the meats and cheeses from our trusted producers, and the wines produced by Feudi di San Gregorio and Tenute Capaldo – with its iconic labels designed by internationally renowned designer Massimo Vignelli – and by other companies featured in our wine list.

Marennà tells the story of who we are

A constantly evolving story, to be discovered at our restaurant tables, at the bar counter, in the intimate atmosphere of the Nest or in the friendly ambience of the Sala Balthazar.

A single place, many experiences, each one intense, each one precious.