The Restaurant Hall

A place for sharing

We have removed all barriers to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, with large glass windows overlooking the kitchen and the vineyards, of Merlot grapes on one side, from which Pàtrimo is produced, and Fiano on the other.

Inside, everything pays tribute to the local area. The parquet flooring, tables, furniture and wall tiles: each element displays its origins, continuously drawing attention to the fine craftsmanship of the raw materials used, such as wood and leather.

A space created by architect Hikaru Mori – already exhibited as an architectural excellence at the Venice Biennale – featuring interiors recently redesigned by architect Roberto Liorni.

It is intended to stimulate the five senses, taking guests on an exciting and never-ending journey, from nature to the kitchen.

The Bar

This is where we welcome our guests before escorting them to their table. Here they can relax while enjoying an aperitif, and they can then come back after dinner for a drink, choosing from a selection of liqueurs and spirits from Italy and abroad.

The Restaurant

Warm, open and well-lit, our restaurant has a minimalist elegance about it, with large wooden tables, armchairs and comfy sofas, as well as glass walls from which our guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the hills and vineyards.

 The Roman architect Roberto Liorni was commissioned to design the restaurant.

The Nest

A single table, surrounded by wine bottles, in an evocative atmosphere, enclosed in a structure made of chestnut tree branches from our woods. A place where guests can sample dedicated and selected culinary delights.

The restaurant manager
Vincenzo Mancinelli

A Neapolitan from Capodichino, at the age of 18 he moved to London where he worked in several Italian restaurants in Soho, and then joined the staff of Le Pont de la Tour, near London Bridge.

In 2011, just two years after arriving in the British capital city, Chef Alyn Williams asked him to join him at the new restaurant of the well-known Westbury

Hotel, a historic 5-star hotel in the heart of Mayfair. The restaurant soon received its first Michelin star and Vincenzo was a finalist – at just 21 years of age – of the “Young Waiter of the Year” competition.

He worked at the Westbury Hotel for 6 years, during which he was first appointed Assistant Restaurant Manager and then Restaurant Director.

In 2018, Chef Ollie Dabbous contacted him to offer him a job at Hide, his newly opened restaurant in Piccadilly, which received a Michelin star in just 6 months.

Not long after that he was selected for the “Restaurant Manager of the Year UK” competition, where he ranked among the top 10 and made it to the podium in the final.

Vincenzo eventually quit his job at Hide in 2019 and returned to Italy to Marennà, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise gained in the UK back home.